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Frequently Asked Questions | Caveat Emptor

Please read the questions relating to Dare to Know Prep carefully. You will be held responsible for knowing these rules. I may introduce additional rules later as I see fit or on a case by case basis. Should you have any questions, or if you are unsure about anything on this page, please do not hesitate to contact me directly before any problems arise and any payments have been made.

Questions about Dare to Know Prep

Yes. All or most sessions are given online.

I use a computer or phone for voice and video comms like Skype. I also use an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil combined with a digital whiteboard solution. And of course, I use all the best books and other materials.

I pay for the digital whiteboard, so it’s free for the student to use. You can try out the digital whiteboard by registering a free account at

Yes.* Please contact me directly to talk about scheduling in-person sessions. In-person sessions are only available on a case by case basis and by prior arrangement only. Rates for in-person sessions may vary. In-person sessions are only available in certain parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. For in-person sessions, a minimum of 2 hours is required. Additional conditions may apply.

There are no prerequisites in terms of skills or knowledge. However, I recommend that students take a practice or diagnostic test before sessions to establish a baseline score. An actual official College Board practice test, following all the same rules you would have to adhere to when taking a real test.

At minimum, the student should have voice and/or video communication capabilities, like Skype or Zoom. This means you need to have a reliable broadband Internet connection with decent speed.

Ideally, the student should have a tablet as their drawing device for online sessions, though a touch-screen computer, smart phone or even a non-touch-screen computer can do in a pinch.

It’s also best if the student comes prepared with digital copies of the problems they want to work on, in the form of pictures or pdfs.

The student should have basic technical proficiency with their own equipment: smart phone, tablet, computer, and the Internet.

I recommend 2-hour long sessions for most students, once or twice a week. Of course, I’m very flexible and ultimately it’s up to the student and their parents to choose the approach that they are comfortable with and that would produce the best results.

Every session is going to be different. Typically we will cover all homework problems from the past week that the student struggled with, making sure to reinforce proper strategies, review core concepts or teach any new material as appropriate. Ultimately, every session will be customized to what the student is struggling with the most at this point in time.

Yes. I offer comprehensive SAT Prep, that includes math, reading, writing, essay, vocabulary, as well as general critical thinking and logic reasoning skills. You can choose to cover all or just some of the topics.

That very much depends. Here are some factors to consider. Where you are in your studies. How much time is left until the test. How much do you study every day. Do you want one 2-hour session once a week or a more intensive plan. What your goal score is in relation to your current performance. Feel free to schedule a free consultation for more info. I think it goes without saying, that the more you study and the earlier you start the better the results will be.

Every student is different. Typical load is 1-2 hours every day. However, if you don’t want homework, there will be no homework. It very much depends on your goals and what you want out of this. If your goal is a perfect score and there’s just 3-6 months left and a lot to improve on, there’s going to be 3+ hours of homework every day. Keep in mind, most of the improvement comes from the student’s hard work.

For legal and other reasons, I do not provide any books or materials with my courses. The student is expected to buy their own books and materials independently. I will however, recommend books and other resources that are best suited for the student’s level and goals. I will also use books and resources that I purchased myself during our sessions and for homework assignments. These materials are copyrighted and are not to be redistributed in any way.

Please be courteous and let me know ahead of time of any cancellations or rescheduling. You can use the scheduling system to cancel or reschedule, or you can contact me to do it.

For any session cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours beforehand, no fee will be incurred. For sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of appointment, I may charge you for the full session. I will do my best to be flexible, but repeat offenders will pay.

If a student is late to a session by more than 15 minutes, and is not getting in touch before or during those 15 minutes on prearranged channels of communications, he will be considered a no-show and the session will be cancelled without a refund.

There will be no refunds on completed sessions, for any reason. In case of any problems, technical, logistical or otherwise, any session with at least half the time used will be considered completed.

If you bought a prepaid package, and at any time you are unhappy with the services, I will calculate the hours used, prorated at my hourly rate, add a 5% administrative charge based on package price, and refund the remaining balance, if any, provided the payment operator allows it. Refunds will be done via your original method of pay.

Yes, for legal and common sense reasons all packages and hourly sessions booked come with an expiration date. 

All hourly sessions will expire 30 days from purchase date.

Packages with 04/10/20/30/40 hours will expire in 7/10/15/20/25 weeks from date of purchase respectively.

You will not be able to schedule sessions once your session or package expires.

I might make an exception, if you only have a couple of hours left and my schedule allows it, but don’t count on it and plan out your study time ahead of time. If you schedule a 2-hour session every week starting from purchase day, you will be fine and have a little bit of wiggle room left for snafus.

I will not be able to refund any unused but expired sessions and packages.

Yes. All sessions must be paid for in advance. All packages must be paid for in advance.

All sessions should be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the session, or they may be cancelled without a refund.

If you want to schedule a new session less than 24 hours away, you should do so only by contacting me directly to make sure it’s possible and alright to do so. I will do my best to accommodate short-notice sessions, but it’s not always possible.

General Questions about the SAT

The SAT is a standardized test used by most colleges and universities in the U.S. to evaluate college applicants. Your SAT score is possibly the most important factor in college admissions, so it’s important to prepare. The SAT tests student’s critical thinking and logical reasoning skills by assessing student’s readiness for college in math, reading, writing, and essay writing.

The SAT is 3 hours long without the essay. If you register to take the optional essay, add another 50 minutes. Some test administrations add experimental questions at the end that do not count toward your score, but would extend your total test time by about 20 minutes.

You can take the SAT as many times as you want. Your scores are good for 5 years. Most students take the test 2 or 3 times, usually in the second half of their junior year or the following summer or fall.

A perfect score on the SAT is 1600, 800 in Math and 800 in English. The minimum score is 400, 200 in each Math and English. The average SAT score is 1060, 530 in Math and English, although it can vary slightly year to year. Standard deviation for the SAT is around 200 points. Most Ivy League average applicant scores are in the 1500s.

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