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SAT Prep Tutoring

I am an expert when it comes to math and SAT prep, with a specialty in helping people get as close as they can to their perfect scores on standardized tests.
I am currently accepting new students for private tutoring. There are limited permanent spots available, about 10 weekly slots in all. Priority will be given to students purchasing the highest-hour packages with 12+ weeks to test deadline.
All lessons are done online. Stay safe out there!
Private arrangements for in-person sessions can be made on a case by case basis.
I highly recommend the starter program as an on-boarding process to taking the SAT and a way for us to get acquainted.

The Starter Program

The starter program is great for:

  • beginners: students and parents who are just getting started and looking for advice on the essential materials and techniques
  • students who have 6+ months to prepare and want to see how far they can get on their own
  • advanced students who already have most of the requisite knowledge and strategies as well as the drive to achieve top percentile scores on their own

In the course of the starter program we will:

  1. have the student take a practice test and establish a baseline before the session
  2. hold an intro session
    • explain the nature and structure of the test
    • analyze student’s past performance to figure out strengths and weaknesses
    • discuss and set up goals
    • outline a recommended study schedule personalized to the student’s needs
    • recommend the best study and practice materials and resources
    • set up the structure and techniques to maximize the student’s study time
    • address any questions and concerns
  3. hold a follow-up session within a week to a month, based on availability
    • assess the student’s progress
    • make additional recommendations based on progress
    • address any new questions or concerns

Most of the improvement on the SAT comes from the student’s hard work and the hours they put in. Absolutely anyone can achieve the scores they want, provided there’s enough time and they put in the work.

The starter program is the best value for your money if you or your child are just beginning your college admission journey.
You can use the starter course as a springboard to a self-study program, or as an on-boarding process to the SAT and a way for us to get acquainted and figure out your private tutoring needs.

Tutoring Schedule

The most sensible and affordable tutoring schedule is weekly.
I recommend starting with a regularly scheduled 2-hour session once a week.
The student will have to do daily practice sessions on their own or with a buddy. Additional homework assignments may be given weekly based on the individual needs of the student.

Having sessions twice weekly can sometimes be better, especially if you are trying to cram with short deadlines or if you have a lot to catch up on. For example, we can have an English day and a Math day.

Some students will benefit greatly from an intensive tutoring schedule.

  • Some students have significant gaps in their knowledge and need help often.
  • Some students lack the accountability and the drive that are necessary to study every single day on their own.
  • Some parents feel better about having a tutor present for all or most of the study sessions whether it is to teach, provide support and encouragement, or be the strict nun with a ruler.

Whatever the case may be, we can work out a personalized program that best suits the student’s needs and schedule.

Group Study

Another thing I highly recommend is having a study buddy or two. Get in touch with a friend, classmate, or neighbor to study with and practice for the SATs together. Whether it’s in person or over the Internet, every day or as your schedules allow, it will benefit all students involved.

There are multiple benefits to having a study buddy, chief among them:

  • holding each other accountable to show up and do the work: “90% of success in life is showing up”
  • having a buddy there to explain stuff you don’t understand is a huge help and explaining stuff to your friend will solidify your knowledge: “By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn”
  • there’s a tremendous motivational boost to sharing a common goal, the joys and pains of studying and practicing together, seeing the progress you and your friend are making, and competing with them on performance: “happiness is contagious”
  • sharing books can help you save a lot of money
  • it’s twice as much fun and half as boring

Finally, I will offer significant discounts to all students should they choose to do group study sessions with me.

Other Services

I am an expert when it comes to math, computer science, and standardized test prep. I primarily focus on test prep for the SAT and math tutoring, with a specialty in helping people get as close as they can to their perfect scores on standardized tests. But I am open to many other arrangements on a case by case basis.

I can help you prepare for many other tests that fall within my domain of expertise, provided there is sufficient time to study and practice.
Subjects in which I would consider myself competent enough to help you get top scores:

  • SAT Subject Tests Math 1 & 2, Physics
  • AP Calculus, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics
  • most mathematics and computer science courses and tests

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries. Rates may vary.

Upcoming SAT dates:

2021: October 2, November 6, December 4
2022: March 12, May 7, June 4

Don’t leave it till the last moment.

The earlier you start the higher your scores will be.